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What About A Sustainable Solution To Save Ghana’s Health Institution? #FixTheCountry

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The government of Ghana is bent on showing the world its unique ability of misplacing priorities. On Monday 5th July, the president, on behalf of the government, paid for a surgery of the conjoined twins at the Ridge Hospital. The surgery was worth 15 million Ghana Cedis.

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It is a very good thing for the government to look out ensure the welfare and survival of its citizenry. This, however, should not be done at the expense of other pressing issues. Ghana has a wealth of problems and failed systems. The Ridge Hospital which operated on this these conjoined twins lack beds and surgical equipment. This amount could have revolutionized our health care system overnight. We could have procured state-of-the-art surgical equipment to save the lives of millions.

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Thousands of Ghanaians lose their lives daily due to bad roads and the failed health care systems. Pregnant women have miscarriages en route to delivery centres due to poor and inaccessible roads. A recent video of a pregnant women being carried across a river to a delivery center surfaced on social media. It is a shame that we face this in the 21st Century. The health care systems across the nation is in shambles and the government prioritizing a public display of unwarranted benevolence over fixing the country.

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Ghanaians voted for this government because we believe it can change the country and make it better. We still believe you have the power to effect the changes we desire. We plead with the incumbent government not to let us down.

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