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Weed Distribution Channel In Ghana, A Case Study.

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Have you ever wondered how marijuana (weed) is constantly surging in supply inspite of the mass demand all over Ghana. Obviously the unlawfully consumed product in Ghana is all over the streets and known as one of the top illicit cannabis producers in West Africa. This is a case study which intends to take you on the journey of the distribution channel from the farmer to the consumer. An anonymous group of people where sampled in this case study. ‘I must say FanYogo and marijuana (weed) have the best unbreakable consistent supply chain goods in Ghana’. – Bright Tenbil.

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How is weed cultivated in Ghana?

Let’s go to the farm where the weed is planted and harvested under all other conditions like the regular plants. Mostly, the planters provide suitable conditions in rooms with green house effect or plant the weed mixed with other crops to prevent the public notice. Just to say, Jamaica in 2019 was estimated to be worth $50 billion within the next decade cultivating 15,000 of cannabis yearly according to U.S State Department. During harvest, the farmer cuts from the stem and prunes from the branches. They pull out the leaves which is the end product for the market. The dry leaves are gathered and the withered leaves filted out maintaining the more healthier ones. The farmer packs the healthy leaves into bags as consignment to a wholesaler.

How does weed get to the market?

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This may amaze you but market women in Ghana sell weed. The distribution channel from the farm is the main supplier who may be termed as wholesaler. This may be one of the most dangerous but an ever changing routine in the distribution channel. Most farmers put the sacs of weed in an empty oil barrel mixed with a couple of oil barrels. Others use ambulance, the market women who are carrying goods across various towns to their main distribution warehouse for packaging and retailing. In the warehouse, the weed is well processed by filtering the well processed and the semi processed products. The semi-processed (organic) which has an amount of seedling left in it costs less, with 1 kilo parcel selling at about 70Gh is referred to as ‘Boka’. The other form which is well processed with no seedlings but added flavor like strawberry which is referred to as the Hydroponic costs around 100gh to 700gh per kilo. Some variations of Hydroponic include Amnesia, Blue Cheese, Kush, Purple Sconc and many more. The price of the weed however depends on the distributor and area. Weed in East Legon is far expensive than same quality and quantity of weed in Ashaiman or Dzorwulu.

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The retailers pick up the weed from warehouse or they are delivered with cars with parcels hidden in the ceilings of the car, inside the car tire, in a guitar or with a market woman. Parcels reach the local retailer to be sold in the ghetto. The local consumers buy these in rolls wrapped with whistler; a piece of smooth light paper used for smoking. The ‘boka’ costs about Ghc 1 whiles the hypdroponic costs about Ghc 7 per roll. This ghettos constantly get this supply at least 2 times in a week. This should be a good business on a good guess. The consumers of this product are spread across the country and per consumption rate, they must be a lot.

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This article is solely for the purpose of academic and knowledge but not intended to promote the usage of drugs. Does the police burn, keep and resell to alcohol vendors when the consignments are seized?

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