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Start Agric Business With No Capital In Ghana

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In statistics, the agricultural sector makes up of over 64 percent of businesses in Ghana. Startups in Ghana have the advantage in venturing this sector. Agriculture business is capital intensive with all factors in consideration but you can strategically position yourself to start your Agric business with No Capital in Ghana.

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With no capital, you should consider the type of farming that can give you returns to reinvest in this business. You need to have that personality to wait for a very long time to be able to start making profits. Agric is not a 2-day money making venture. You can start as a peasant farmer with small crops. We recommend you start with crop farming instead of animal farming because seedlings are less costly than animals.

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To start with, you need a fertile land, seedlings and source of water. Also, be prepared with who you will be selling your harvest to; your market. In Ghana, there are vast fertile lands owned by families, stools and persons. Unlike Accra with less unused areas, the rest of the regions in Ghana are basically underdeveloped or have a 5 to 10 year building plan. Hence, you can talk to the owners of the lands to start a farm on their lands in exchange for a percentage of plants harvested or cash after harvest. Most land owners in Ghana would no hesitate to such a proposal because this is a way of giving thier land to a a caretaker. Acquiring a land and protecting it as a property is a sophisticated process but with a farmer on the land, it is difficult for others to encroach. This is would be an absolutely win win for both parties. The most important part of this process is to find a land which is closer to a source of water or a dam. This would make it easier for you to carry water from the dam to the farm.

Now the seedlings which are mostly sold in agric and fertilizer shops costs between 50gh and 200gh depends on the quality and the kind of crop. In most shops, they sign up farmers to supply them with seedlings to pay later. The farmers association in Ghana also get support from the Ministry of Agriculture. Small scale farmers get support from these association. You need to locate a closer association to join in order to get more updates.

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After you have started your farm business at no cost, you should project and plan to scale up after your first harvest. Consider ways to minimize manpower and maximize revenue through farm machinery. You need to reinvest into your business. Growth in your business is very relevant. We hope you try this out.

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