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South African Government’s Negligence of Modern-Day Digital Communication Tools And Its Effects

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In today’s world, there is an evolution drive to grow organizations, businesses & governmental department to adjust to modern communications. The digital communication is boosting economies across the world, however, the same cannot be said with the South African government. In South Africa, most government sectors have barely grabbed the advantages the internet provides or must I say they have failed to adjust to the correct use of digital communications.

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Some government sectors do have digital communications departments and others choose to the essence of the revolution in these times. South African youth is undoubtedly digitally driven with majority of them having in-depth understanding use of social media platforms to create revenue. A vivid instance of this scenario is the neglect of digital communications tools by the Department of Correctional Services. This main responsibility of this department is the rehabilitation & ensuring that inmates and the general public are properly educated to behave right through strategic public programs but it this is not the case. Majority of South Africans do not know about such programs simply because of the limitations of communication. Sadly, the public sector jobs have been occupied by elderly people who have little or no understanding of the modern-day way of interaction & communicating with the public. The political sphere of South Africa has influenced major parts of our economy negatively.

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Most skilled youth have the capacity to contribute to development but due to politicalized priorities in area such as employment, it seems impossible. The Government encourages the youth to start businesses whiles are no right support system for these startups. Youth employment should not be limited to being clerks, HR managers, or casual workers but better positions in government. If only Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Premiers, MEC’s and Mayors would open their doors for influential youth, South Africa would not record high unemployment rate. Data published by Statistics South Africa at the beginning of June shows that the official unemployment rate among the youth (15-34 years) was 46.3% in Q1 2021.

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Another concern with the system of government is operating not opening up to collaboration with other race from all spheres. Just like Nelson Mandela did, the father of our nation was wise enough to appoint Fw De Klerk as his deputy president after the dawn of democracy. This was a way of showing that when we work together, we can grow our country & bring an end to racism and tribalism. A collective collaboration by the youth, leaders and other sther stakeholders should be the point of discussion for strategic development. Resolving Youth Unemployment is possible in South Africa if only young people could be given a opportunity to present their ideas & concepts to the right people, not our deceptive politicians.

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