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John Wesley Methodist School Wins EU Ghana Fight Corona Together Art Competition

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On Wednesday 9th June 2021, the European Union in Ghana with partnership with the Ghana Education Service, Accra Metropolitan Assembly and Environment 360 crowned the winner of the Fight Corona Together Competition amongst 5 finalists as part of the “EU and Ghana Green and Healthy Together” project. This program is designed to create continuous awareness of COVID-19 protocols amongst 25 basic schools in Accra. The 4 months long competition edged pupils to be creative with waste materials by upcycling them into COVID-19 safety protocols arts. Pupils practically engaged in more innovative ways to educate themselves and the general public on how to protect their own selves and their loved ones.

Pupils of the John Wesley Methodist School with the European Union delegation & Founder of Environment 360

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The final event which happened at the St. Mary’s Girls R/C basic in Korle Gonno in Accra had 5 finalists to compete for the prize. Mamprobi Socco H/H Basic, Mamprobi Sempe 1 Basic, Police Depot 1 and 2 Basic, John Wesley Methodist School and the Independence AVE 2 were the qualifiers of this competition. Pupils participation was in based on 3 themes; ‘Wear Your Mask’ , ‘Wash Your Hands’ and ‘Maintain Social Distance’. Various schools who participated expressed true impact, practicality and understanding of this project. A project implemented by Environment 360 has immensely mitigated the risk of COVID-19 in the basic schools in Accra Ghana.

Fight Corona Together Art Competition By EU in Ghana presentation by John Wesley Methodist School

Her Excellency Diana Acconcia; The Head of the European Union delegation to Ghana expressed her unflinching support for the program saying “The EU will remain committed to create awareness on the promotion of a more sustainable and circular economy. This is not the first initiative in schools and it will not be the last. The EU will launch a circular economy contest in schools at the beginning of 2022. We expect to have schools all over Ghana participating in this innovative initiative.” In this program, the EU also supported the various schools with handwashing stations and recycling bins as part of the implementation strategies.

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Fight Corona Together Art Competition By EU in Ghana presentation by Mamprobi Socco H/H Basic School

Head of the implementation partner Environment 360; Mrs. Cordie Aziz-Nash added “Environment360 is happy to see to the successful implementation of the second phase of this EU led program. I strongly believe that the skills that the children have gained during the art competition will encourage the children to see waste as a resource, while also helping them internalize key COVID-19 prototcols.”

Fight Corona Together Art Competition By EU in Ghana presentation by Mamprobi Sempe 1 Basic

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Fight Corona Together Art Competition By EU in Ghana presentation by Independence AVE 2 School

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We as the Hyperlink team is looking forward to see creativity and practical solutions thrive from the foundation of our schools to impact the Africa continent.

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