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Ghana Youth Protest Peacefully At #FixTheCountry August 4th Demo; First Ever In Africa’s History

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All awaited and finally the most peaceful protest in Africa’s history with about 10,000 youth invading the streets of Accra demanding better from successively failed government systems. What a day!

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The youth of Ghana hit the streets for the first time in history with no party colours. FixTheCountry demonstratation was set to happen in May, 2021 but there was police injunction on the request based on COVID 19 protocols which preceeded to court. At the long run, the demonstration was approved by the High Court and the Supreme Court of Ghana. After the ruling, 4th August was set to protest and express the youth plight and also commonmorate the founders’ day of Ghana led by Osagefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

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In history, #FixTheCountry protest has recorded no injury, no arrest neither police brutality. The event was held from the Osagefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Circle statue at the heart of Accra through Adabraka, AMA the proceeded to the iconic Independence Square. The well organised youth observed all the COVID-19 safety protocols as required by law. This exceptional protest also cleaned the streets of Accra with no littering.

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At the protest, the youth Ghana demanded a new constitution, a long term development plan, economic freedom, an end to mediocrity by leaders and more importantly how the government ruling in between NPP and the NDC has retarded Ghana’s development in the 4th century. The individuals also shared the awful distate of selfish attitude of the leaders of Ghana. Leaders promise a lot and do nothing when in power and even more frustrating when they shift their attention from priotised needs of the people. Youth unemployment has heightend, bad roads, no accessible and portable water in some parts of Accra, cedi-dollar depreciation, an ever increasing taxes & fuel prices but the government of Ghana is focused on building a Cathedral to worship God by taking 100gh from 1 million Ghanaians! Sad reality is Ghanaians live below the poverty line, but Ghana government has paid no attention and not addressed any of these plights.

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Prior to the protest approval, a young activist; Kaaka from Ejura Community in Ghana was lynched to death by some unknown killers believed to be sent by some members of the rulling party because he shared an unpleasant sights of his neighbourhood. #FixTheCountry, a growing anger of national concerns sprouted from social media posts and has seen the daylight. This campaign is made up of a some youth movement like #FixTheCountry, The Economic Fighters League, MAD, Common Sense Family, Hyperlink Africa and a couple of others. A day of hope was ignited with the rise of new energetic young men in Ghana with a better revolutionary mindset. In attendance was Blakk Rasta, Avram Ben Moshe, Captain Smart, Ernesto, Okatakyire Afrifa Mensah who have shared common goals with the #FixTheCountry movement convernors.

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To mention that the Ghana Police were well comported can not be left out. The police were well positioned and well organised with about 30 cars and vans but none was spotted armed. This is what #FixTheCountry has achieved after continuously voicing out police brutality via social media. The police service needs to be commended for such a great milage.

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